Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Chimney Balloons

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If you find yourself trolling YouTube for the latest drafty chimney hack or researching a chimney balloon, it may be time to consider having your fireplace cleaned and serviced by a professional.

It's always a good idea to have the chimney swept at least once per year. A good cleaning prevents chimney fires due to creosote buildup. While they're cleaning it, the technician can also inspect the chimney and make recommendations on necessary services like repairing a leaking flue.

In this article, we'll go over why you shouldn't rely on chimney balloons to help you with your chimney problems.

Why Chimney Balloons Are No Good

With a fireplace being one of the leading causes of energy loss in the home, homeowners like you are asking, "How can I make my fireplace more energy efficient?" The fact is, your fireplace is a centerpiece in your home that brings warmth to so many good times with your friends and family. So, it's staying.

In your quest to improve the energy efficiency of your chimney, you might not know which is the best option. You watched the guy on YouTube tell you to use two contractor style trash bags even though he only used one to cover the pillows before he stuffs it up the flue.

There's the chimney balloon which is a favorite stop-gap method. I mean, who doesn't want to get on their hands and knees and stuff a balloon up their chimney? Then remember to take it out before lighting the fire. Then forget to put it back in hours later after it all cools down. One hot ember and you just trashed your money saver on the first use.

Or, you can go ahead, take the step and replace or install the damper. Imagine all of the energy saved by being able to securely seal your flue when your fireplace is not in use. That makes no mention of the critters you keep out.

Also, while the flue is being serviced, you can get a good chimney sweep and visual inspection. Having your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly reduces the opportunity for chimney fires.

"It's kind of like a band-aid..." When you cut yourself, of course, a band-aid is a correct answer. But everyone wants the right thing; they want the skin to grow back after they cut themselves. No one wants to use a band-aid for the rest of their lives.

Plastic bag chimney balloons have their place and time. It's not the right answer for a long term reduction in those high heating and cooling bills while keeping that center of so many family memories readily usable.

Chimney Balloons Won't Solve Your Problems

If you find yourself fixing your drafty chimney with a balloon, for the time being, do some planning and prepare to have your fireplace professionally serviced. A little effort now can save you time and money in the long run.

Consider having your chimney serviced by a professional and ask the tech to take a look at your flue. It might just save you buying a chimney balloon.

When you do decide it's time to get your chimney inspected, you can count on Vertical Chimney Care for the best products and service in all of Chicagoland. We've been making homes clean and safe for over 30 years and would love to help you solve your chimney problems.

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