How to Remove Your Fireplace Mesh Curtain

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Keep yourself and your family safe while defending your home from floating sparks and embers by placing mesh curtains in front of the fireplace.

The fireplace mesh curtain, which hides the opening for your fireplace, is a crucial component of your living room. It not only aids in protecting the fireplace from being harmed by kids, pets, and falling objects that might otherwise crash into it, but it also offers safety to ensure that the fire cannot come out of the fireplace and that no combustible items from the outside may seep into the fireplace.

This quick rundown will explain a fire mesh curtain, how to take it down, and why you need one. Let's begin.

A Fireplace Mesh Curtain or Screen

A fireplace curtain is an accessory made to fit next to an open fireplace inside or the opening for the fireplace to create a guard rail between the room and the fireplace.

A fireplace curtain can be found in various sizes, styles, and designs because each fireplace is uniquely made. Mesh curtains will be hung at the base of the hearth, an exposed fireplace that extends into the room.

Typically, fireplace curtains are made of either a completely metal or a metal and aluminum combination.

Fireplace curtains cannot be made of any material that can be damaged by the flames and their heat, such as plastic, because they must be placed close to an open fire.

Removing a Mesh Curtain From the Fireplace

The mesh screen or curtain over your fireplace keeps your house safe by capturing any huge ashes that might escape flames. A pole positioned over the fireplace's front holds the curtain in place. However, these drapes may accumulate soot, leaving a persistent smoky odor in your home. The safety shield can be thoroughly cleaned by taking the mesh curtain off a fireplace.

Follow these steps to remove a mesh curtain from the fireplace safely:

  • Wrap the hearth from the front with plastic or a drop cloth. This will lessen the likelihood of soot stains on the hearth or flooring.
  • If required, draw the mesh curtain shut. Use the stiff-bristle brush to remove any substantial soot or embers.
  • Look for any fasteners or clips keeping the mesh curtain rod in place. If they're there, take them away using the proper tool.
  • To prevent the curtains from falling when you remove the clips holding them to the rod, firmly grasp each end of the rod.
  • Pulling the rod towards you while straightening the rod and mesh curtain, raise it until it is out of the mounting brackets. Set the curtains and rod down slowly (to prevent soot from being displaced) on the plastic cover or drop cloth.
  • To remove the mesh curtain from the rod, unscrew any attached ends. Then, detach the mesh curtain from the rod by sliding it.

And voila, you have removed the mesh curtains safely.

You can easily clean the mesh curtains after removing or replacing them with new ones.

Read on how to safely clean the soot from the mesh curtains.

Cleaning your fireplace curtain regularly will stop corrosion and soot buildup. However, a yearly cleaning might keep your fireplace curtain immaculate.

It's advisable to take down the fireplace curtains from their rods in front of your fireplace before cleaning them. Find a metal tab by searching the rod. This tab should completely release the curtains when pressed.

The ideal cleaning method is as follows:

Step 1: Choose a Place

While cleaning a fireplace curtain may be messy, it is recommended to do so outside, on a lawn or porch. First, spread the drape on a drop cloth outside the venue. After that, spray the curtain with a hose. Soot and loose dust will be removed as a result.

If cleaning the curtain outside is not an option, place it on a substantial drop cloth in a garage or other facility. A moist towel or soft cloth should clean the curtains on both sides. You only need regular, warm water at this point to clean.

Step 2: A Mild Cleanser

Clean the mesh fireplace curtain with just a quick splash of dish soap or another non-abrasive solution. Use dish soap or cleanser straight to the curtain if working outside. Spritz the curtain with warm water and a teaspoon of dish soap if your workstation is inside.

Never use a cleanser that contains bleach, has a "scrubbing action," or feels scratchy or unpleasant. They could destroy the manufacturing-stage protective coating on the mesh curtain. Removing this coating increases the likelihood that rust may develop on the curtain.

Step 3: Scrub

Use a brush with soft bristles that will reach the meshes but won't harm the metal, or remove the curtain's protective paint to scrub the curtain. Circular motions of rubbing will make the soap foam as you work. When you clear the soot and grime, you should notice the soapy water turning grey. Be sure to flip the curtain over and wipe both sides completely.

When cleaning the fireplace curtain regularly, avoid using wire scrub brushes and brushes with harsh bristles. The metal may be scratched, the protective finish may be lost, and these harsh cleaning methods may harm your fireplace curtain's aesthetic.

Step 4: Rinse

After cleaning, rinse the soapy water and all the soot from the mesh curtain with your hose to remove it. If there is any remaining filth, check your curtain and repeat the scrubbing and rinsing process.

If you wash your curtains indoors, use a moist towel to remove the soap. It could require a few attempts, but it will ultimately work.

Step 5: Dry

After washing, allowing your fireplace curtain ample time to dry completely is crucial. If you leave the curtains immediately after washing them, rust may form due to water sticking in the mesh's folds. To prevent this, relocate the fireplace curtain to a dry area under the sun.

Step 6: Reinstall the Curtains

Reinstall the fireplace curtain once the job is finished. To do this, press the metal tab that initially released the curtain, then move it back into place. Pay close attention to the curtain system when removing the fireplace curtain because various fireplace curtains may have varying installation and removal procedures. Reinstalling it is significantly simpler as a result.

Dust your fireplace curtain regularly with a clean microfiber cloth to maintain it tidy between cleanings. This will make it much easier to clean your curtains each year by assisting in the prevention of dust and grime buildup.


A fireplace screen is intended to prevent anything from spitting out from a fire into the area with combustible materials and keep kids and pets away from the flames.

Following the steps mentioned in this post above, you can easily remove the mesh curtains from your fireplace to thoroughly clean them. However, if you are unfamiliar with the whole process, it is best to leave it to professionals.

Also, purchasing a curtain that fits the fireplace is crucial for the greatest protection. Finally, it's crucial to let a professional inspect the fireplace and determine the size suited to your requirements.

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