Why do our customers finance their home improvement projects with Vertical Chimney Care?

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Upgrade your home improvement project

9 of 10 customers approved for financing

Flexible payment options

No Lender Origination or Closing Costs

Little to No Paperwork Required

Receive Almost Instant Credit Approval

How easy is the application process?

Step 1
Complete a one-page credit application

Step 2
Receive almost instant credit approval

Step 3
Vertical completes your project.

Step 4
Begin making monthly payments 30 days after project completion

Who is Vertical’s lending partner?

Vertical works with a third-party lending partner to originate and secure home improvement loans for its customers. Our lending partner works with major banking institutions such as Wells Fargo and Green Sky and focuses on loan origination and servicing with the home improvement industry. Vertical has collaborated with it’s third-party lending partner to help them understand its customers’ unique needs around financing their projects with Vertical.

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