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Chimney Tuckpointing in Chicago

Chicago’s weather extremes affect the condition of the chimneys in our area. As chimneys age, the cumulative effects of moisture exposure and freezing/thawing cycles on mortar joints lead to cracks, leaks and overall deterioration that require professional chimney mortar repair. Vertical Chimney Care is a leader in chimney and fireplace chimney tuckpointing, which is the meticulous process of restoring and preserving mortar joints.

What Is Chimney Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is the repair of the mortar between the bricks of your home. Mortar decays and turns to dust over time and after sufficient exposure to the elements. If your home is older and the chimney has never been tuckpointed as far as you know, then it’s time to have it done.

Why Tuckpoint a Fireplace Chimney?

While bricks are durable and last up to a century without needing repair, the mortar that holds the bricks together can show signs of wear after only 20 – 30 years. Once mortar joints start to crumble, immediate repair is necessary.

Why might you need our expert tuckpointing chimney repair services? Here’s what happens when mortar joints break down: 

  • Water and moisture can seep into your home from the chimney and cause extensive damage, including mildew, rotting wood and mold.
  • When bricks loosen, the chimney structure weakens and may deteriorate to the point at which the chimney must be torn down and rebuilt.

The goals of our chimney mortar repair services are to preserve the structural integrity of your chimney, prevent water infiltration, enhance curb appeal and proactively prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems.

Choose Vertical Chimney Care

The professionals at Vertical Chimney Care have extensive knowledge about chimney maintenance and tuckpointing. We understand the intricate details of chimney tuckpointing — including mortar composition and the need for exact color matching — to ensure that your restoration is carried out with the precision you want and deserve.

Vertical Chimney Care is the company you want for these reasons:

  • We grind out the old mortar before applying the new mortar; this helps prevent future chipping and erosion.
  • We improve your home’s curb appeal by matching the color of your existing mortar.
  • We have extensive chimney tuckpointing
  • We stand behind our work.

We’ve been tuckpointing chimneys in Chicago for almost 40 years. Our chimney tuckpointing team members are experts in their craft. Vertical Chimney Care guarantees that you get high-quality work at an affordable price.

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