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Vertical Chimney Care is proud to be the most trusted chimney company for Orland Park residents since 1985. Orland Park is a suburb of Chicago located in Cook County with a population of 58,703, and has two main bodies of water: Lake Sedgewick and McGinnis Slough. Many Orland Park residents turn to Vertical to ensure that their chimney is in tip-top shape!

Chimney Cleanings Done the Vertical Way

You’re in good hands with Vertical. Our technicians are all certified, licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who work hard to make sure that your chimney is clean and in excellent working condition, in fact, our technicians are so meticulous we’re positive you’ll feel you’re getting the best of the best.

Before the first fire of the season Vertical recommends having the chimney cleaned and inspected. Never seen the inside of your chimney before? Our certified technicians also have the ability to show you the internal state of your chimney by inserting a 360-degree telescoping camera, also known as a chimscan. This will ensure that your chimney is ready for the season. These fireplace cleanings and inspections are an excellent part of prevention and protection for your family and investment.

Choose Vertical as Your
Orland Park Chimney Company

If you need chimney repair or maintenance, it’s obvious who’s the best Orland Park chimney company, Vertical Chimney Care! As Vertical counts over 35+ years of experience you can count on us.

Join over 100,000 homeowners who have trusted Vertical Chimney Care and get a free quote!

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