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Have you ever wanted to sit on your patio or deck but it was too hot? The sun is beating down on you and you’re sure to get a sunburn. Retractable awnings from Vertical Chimney Care prevent the sun and heat from roasting you while you enjoy the outside.

Our Sunsetter® retractable awnings are from SunSetter and made of a durable fabric that won’t rip or tear in the elements. They’re the perfect addition to any outdoor living space as they shield you from the sun while still allowing you to enjoy fresh air.

Want to see what a Sunsetter awning would look like on your home? Check out their awesome Sunbrella® Shade Studio awning visualizer and upload a photo of your home and choose from their awning options!

SunSetter Series and Platinum Series Awning Advantages & Benefits

Here are just some of the reasons that SunSetter Awnings are the #1 best-selling awnings in America…

Greater Outdoor Enjoyment

A SunSetter awning will transform your deck or patio into a beautiful “outdoor room” where you and your family will love to spend time. It’s a great place to entertain guests, eat, or simply kick back and relax. Our Dimming LED Lights will extend your awning enjoyment into the evening by allowing you to “set the mood” under your motorized or manual awning. You’ll enjoy your time outdoors more than ever before.
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Outsmart the Weather!

Don’t let hot, glaring sun or light passing showers drive you from your deck or patio. With a SunSetter Awning, you control the weather. Enjoy the outdoors rain or shine. A SunSetter gives you shade and protection when you want it, but retracts when you want to enjoy the sun.

Cool Shade and UV Protection

A SunSetter is like having outdoor air conditioning – it can be up to 20 degrees cooler under your awning. Plus, with a rated SPF of over 50, SunSetters block 99% of harmful UV rays. That’s why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends SunSetter Awnings as an effective UVA and UVB ray protectant. And since a SunSetter gives you far more coverage than a tippy patio umbrella, it will give your children and pets a great sheltered area to play outside. And by blocking the UV rays before they penetrate your home, SunSetters help prevent fading of indoor rugs, drapes, and furniture.
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Energy Savings

A SunSetter can even help cut your air conditioning costs. By blocking the sun from walls, windows, and sliders, your SunSetter helps keep the inside of your home cooler, and prevents carpets and furniture from fading. By contributing to a reduction in your energy consumption, an awning can reduce your carbon footprint

Affordable Designer Elegance and Engineering Excellence

With a SunSetter, you never have to compromise on beauty, quality, protection, or safe, easy, reliable operation. It’s a fact: You can pay more, but you simply cannot buy a better, higher quality awning than a SunSetter. You get custom-built features without the custom built price. That’s why you’ll find SunSetter gracing the decks and patios of over half a million Americans nationwide.

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