Awning Accessories

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Wind Sensor

The Wireless Wind Sensor for our Motorized models closes your awning automatically on very windy days. The Wireless Wind Sensor monitors the effect of the wind on your awning and closes it automatically when necessary. You set the sensitivity. Battery powered, made by Somfy. Simple to install and easy to use.

All Weather Remote

Resilient and weather-resistant. The Multi-Channel All-Weather Remote works just like the standard Remote with the added bonus of greater durability, especially good if you leave your Remote where it might accidentally get wet.

  • Works with motorized awning and EasyShade models
  • Operates optional Dimming LED Lights
  • Replaces lost or broken remotes
  • Weather-resistant

Dimming LED Lights

Entertain even after the sun goes down. Energy-efficient, yet bright and durable, the Dimming LED Lights attached directly to the awning’s arms illuminate the entire area underneath your awning. Lights never have to be taken down, even during awning operation and include a multi-channel remote control that turns the lights on and off, and works like a dimmer switch or can be controlled or dimmed with your awning’s remote. Comes in cream or white to match your awning’s hardware.

Side Weatherbreaker Panels

Block 85% of sun, wind, and mist from coming in the sides of your awning, while enjoying filtered light and gentle breeze. Side Weatherbreaker Panels are sturdy, coral white-colored vinyl screens that attach easily onto your awning and can be removed in seconds. Use one panel at a time or front and side panels together.

  • Blocks 85% of sun, wind, and mist but let in air and light
  • Extends down 5 ft. for prime coverage
  • Awning must be fully extended to use Side Weatherbreaker Panels
  • Available for all awning models

Optional Protective Hood

A hood is recommended if the awning is roof-mounted (on the roofing surface) or mounted on a wall without protection such as a soffit or eave above it. The hood will keep the first 6-8 inches of fabric clean so when you roll out your awning, the fabric looks clean and color consistent. It will provide an extra layer of protection to the motorized unit from the elements, especially stopping water from entering the motor.

Replacement Fabric

Is it time to update the look of your awning? Vertical Awning can help you swap out the Fabric on your existing awning for a clean, fresh look.