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Chimney Cap Services in Chicago

What is the chimney cap? What does it do? Sitting above the masonry, the chimney cap is the metal piece at the very top of your chimney that covers the opening from which the smoke escapes. Caps are vital to your family’s safety and the chimney’s structure. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to match your chimney and your home’s exterior.

Chances are, you have never closely examined your chimney cap — or any other part of your chimney — to determine its condition or check if it’s functioning properly. Unless you installed your own roof, you probably haven’t seen your chimney cap up close, and you shouldn’t attempt it. That’s the job of chimney cap installers like those at Vertical Chimney Care. 

The Benefits of Chimney Caps

Vertical Chimney Care’s chimney caps play a crucial role in safeguarding your chimney and home by:

  • Preventing rainwater and excess moisture from entering your chimney. Moisture and water cause mold growth and deterioration that lead to serious structural issues.
  • Blocking debris like leaves, twigs and wild animals from gaining access to your chimney and your home. Debris and animals leave odors and they can damage the chimney.
  • Containing hot embers and sparks that can end up on your roof or come in contact with trees or power lines, potentially causing a fire. Inserting a spark arrestor in conjunction with the chimney cap installation adds an additional layer of protection.

Choose Vertical Chimney Care

Did you know that an incorrectly installed chimney cap is no better than having none at all? A poorly installed cap is unable to prevent moisture and animals from entering the chimney or to effectively contain sparks and embers. Calling upon the most highly trained and skilled professionals will ensure that your chimney cap is installed properly.

Chicagoland homeowners trust the expert team at Vertical Chimney Care to get the job done right. Our technicians have the expertise and experience you need. After all, we’ve been providing superior chimney services since 1985. Keep on top of your chimney’s condition by contacting us today for a thorough chimney cap inspection.

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