Man repairing masonry chimney.

Chimney Repair

Repair with care.

Here in wintery Chicago, our chimneys go through a lot of wear and tear.

Over time, the beating your chimney takes catches up. It’s normal. But when it does, it’s time for a repair or restoration. This is where we come in.

At Vertical, we know our way around a chimney, from top to bottom.

When we repair your chimney, we pay attention to even the smallest details so that your chimney is fixed properly, and is rebuilt to last.

Repair Services

Chimney cap.

Caps, Dampers, and Fans

We offer replacement services for chimney caps, dampers, and fans. All of these are crucial for the safety of your chimney.

Chimney Crown

Your crown is your masonry chimney’s first line of defense against mother nature, meaning it’s incredibly important to make sure it’s always in good working condition.

Chase Tops and Covers

Chase tops and covers keep unwanted moisture out of your factory built chimney, keeping it in proper condition.

Chimney Liners

Your chimney liner vents all the smoke and gas out of your home. In other words, it’s pretty important. Over time, your chimney liner can erode due to overuse and exposure to heat. We have years of experience in making sure that your home and your chimney is safe.

Vertical crew preparing chimney liner.

Chimney Masonry

Attention to detail. It’s what we do.
Whether its waterproofing, sealing masonry joints, tuckpointing or rebuilding, we can help you identify what’s wrong and make lasting repairs.

Firebox and Smoke Chamber

Call us and we can make sure that your firebox and smoke chamber are looking good and working well.

Teardown and Rebuild

Need to start from scratch? We’re used to it. Give us a call and we can help you build the plans for your chimney’s complete overhaul.

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