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Are Chimney Crowns at the Top of Your List?

Crowns should be at the top of your chimney as well as your priority list. The crown is your masonry chimney’s first line of defense against Mother Nature. Not to be confused with a chase cover or cap, a chimney crown is the component at the top of the chimney that acts as a protective barrier for the entire structure. The chimney crown protects the interior components of the chimney and helps to maintain its structural integrity and enhance its longevity. 

A working crown effectively shields your masonry chimney elements, preventing water infiltration and keeping other unwanted natural elements out of your chimney. As it does its job, however, exposure to weather and temperature fluctuations as well as general wear-and-tear cause the chimney crown to deteriorate. Vertical Chimney Care offers the best chimney crown installation and chimney crown repair services to keep your chimney functioning at peak performance and looking its best.

Chimney crowns are found only on masonry chimneys and are made from poured concrete to ensure they have the strength to handle the elements. Chimney crowns usually overhang the masonry about 2 inches to effectively drain water away. They should also be on a slight slope to prohibit rain and snow from accumulating on top.

Chimney Crown Replacement and Crack Repair

Over time, the crown can crack or deteriorate, causing moisture to enter your chimney. Fixing a crown crack right away typically prevents the need to repair your entire chimney. If your chimney crown is still intact but has some minor damage, Vertical offers fireplace chimney crown repair using a flex-crown seal to restore the chimney crown to a like-new condition. The cost of chimney crown repair depends on the level of damage and whether you require a full replacement vs. a repair.

Choose Vertical Chimney Care

The crown is the foundation for other key chimney components as it allows the chimney cap and damper to function properly while protecting the chimney’s structural integrity. Vertical Chimney Care’s experienced and skilled technicians have been performing precise chimney crown installations and excellent repairs in the Chicago area for nearly 40 years.

Whether you need a chimney crown sealed or completely replaced, our chimney experts get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. We want to help keep your home safe, comfortable and in good condition. Our chimney crown repair and replacement solutions ensure that your chimney crown will be restored to the way it was when your home was first built.

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