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What Are Chimney Chase Covers?

A chimney chase cover is a protective metal covering that sits at the top of a chimney chase. A chimney chase is the housing structure built around factory-made or prefabricated chimneys that are often found in modern homes with wood- or gas-burning fireplaces. Unlike traditional masonry chimneys, which are built with bricks or stones, chimney chases are constructed using wood, siding or other materials to enclose and protect the chimney flue.

Also referred to as chimney or fireplace chase tops, chase covers are your chimney’s primary protection against water seepage that causes damage. A chimney chase cover helps to maintain the structural integrity of your chimney system and to prevent water damage, deterioration and other potential issues.

Chimney chase covers wear out or rust over time, creating an eyesore and the potential for water damage to occur. A chimney chase cover must be in good condition to maintain the life and functionality of your chimney, which is why Vertical Chimney Care offers professional chimney chase cover replacement and repair services.

Chimney Chase Cover Replacement

Depending on the material, these covers can rust. Have you seen or has an inspection revealed rust stains on your chase cover? If so, then you should consider an immediate replacement to prevent water from leaking through your chimney. Our technicians are experienced and highly skilled in proper chimney chase cover installation. 

If your cover is rusting, then it’s probably an old sheet of galvanized metal. When replacing your chase cover, we recommend choosing one of these materials:

  • Stainless steel chase tops are a popular option and they are also rust-resistant.
  • Copper chase covers not only look great but copper is also an extremely sturdy, non-rusting metal.
  • Aluminum tops don’t rust when exposed to moisture and they come in a variety of colors. However, they aren’t quite as durable as they don’t have the strength of copper or steel.

Choose Vertical Chimney Care

Proper installation is crucial to ensure that the chimney case top fits securely and provides the intended protection. Experts from Vertical Chimney Care provide professional guidance and assistance to ensure the optimal performance and safety of your chimney chase.

You can trust us for premiere chimney cover service and timely installation. After all, we’ve been providing Chicagoland homeowners with the best chimney cover service for nearly 40 years!

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