Chimney Liners


Line it up.

At Vertical, we offer fireplace and furnace liner installations. These liners are the passageway through which smoke and gas travel to exit the chimney.

A fireplace or furnace that isn’t properly lined can be dangerous. As chimneys age, the chimney liner can deteriorate meaning there is a higher risk of chimney fires or gasses venting into your home.

Another important aspect in making sure your home is safe from fire or gas is the chimney fan. Your fan is located on the top of your fireplace chimney and assists in drafting. Often installed alongside your liner, a chimney fan is essential when your chimney’s flue is too small to draft naturally.

Repairing your liner a job for an expert. That’s where we come in. During the repair, we climb to the top of your chimney and shove a 20 foot long stainless steel tube down your flue tile with an inch of clearance on either side.

It’s not an easy job, but with our decades of experience, we’ll get it done.

Fireplace Liner Installation

The best chimney is a safe one. Liners play a big role.

It’s important to make sure your liners are always intact so that smoke and flames don’t enter your house.

That’s where Vertical comes in. We’re not firefighters. But in a way, maybe we are kind of firefighters.

Furnace Liner Installation

Safety is what we do.

More than anything, we care about your safety. That’s why we pay close attention to things like your furnace liner.

The furnace liner is the aluminum sleeve that lines the inside of the furnace chimney to help achieve proper ventilation of carbon monoxide from the furnace.

If your home was built without a liner, we can install one. If yours is deteriorating or improperly sized for your appliance, we’ll replace it.

Contact us for a free liner installation quote.

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