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A Little Bit About Chimney Fans

Chimney fans are incredibly important. Located on the top or bottom of your fireplace chimney, the electric fan assists in drafting. Often installed alongside the liner, a fireplace chimney draft fan is essential when your chimney’s flue is too small to draft naturally. The fan ensures that the fireplace gets enough air to burn cleanly with no problems.

A draft fan for the fireplace works by creating a negative pressure in the chimney. A partial vacuum is created, and this pulls the exhaust gases from the fireplace or gas stove up into the chimney and then to the outside. This allows the fire to burn cleanly and without smoke.

Chimney Fan Installation Services

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace, gas stove or pellet insert? A chimney fan can be adapted to work with various fuel types, enhancing performance across the board. Your fan can be installed on the top or bottom of your chimney, depending on your needs. Vertical Chimney Care’s experts recommend the ideal fan placement for optimal results in every situation. 

The Many Benefits of Chimney Fans

  • A chimney fan helps counteract poor draft caused by nearby tall buildings, adverse wind conditions or negative pressure in the home.
  • Insufficient draft results in smoke and odors entering your home’s living spaces instead of being vented outside where they belong.
  • A fan — also called a chimney draft inducer — optimizes draft to produce better burning, increase heat output and reduce fuel consumption.
  • The chimney fan maximizes the heat generated from the fireplace or stove by ensuring proper combustion and efficient venting.
  • A fan warms up the chimney in winter by drawing in warm air from its surroundings, reducing cold downdrafts and improving efficiency.

Choose Vertical Chimney Care

When considering a chimney fan, consulting the experts who will assess your chimney system and recommend the right type and size of fan is crucial. Vertical Chimney Care’s knowledgeable professionals provide accurate guidance tailored to your unique needs. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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