Caps, Dampers, and Fans

Protect your house by protecting your chimney.

Caps, dampers, and fans are an incredibly important part of your chimney, but they’re often overlooked. In short, they’re the details.

Luckily, the details are our specialty.

Vertical offers a variety of services to Chicago that makes sure the city’s homeowners have the right cap, dampers, and fans in place to make sure your home remains safe.

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Chimney Caps

Cap it.

Vertical can make sure nothing enters your chimney by installing a cap.

Chimney caps have two primary functions.

1  The main one is making sure that your chimney flue remains free of water.
2  The second is making sure critters don’t crawl down your chimney.

If you don’t have a cap, we can install a new one. Or, if you have one but it isn’t working properly, we can replace your old one.

Chimney Dampers

Feeling drafty?

For money and safety reasons, it’s important to have a working damper, and to know when to use it.

When your fireplace isn’t in use the damper should be shut. When you’re ready to make a fire, it’s important to make sure the damper is open.

If there is a draft coming from your fireplace, it might be time for an inspection of your damper. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Chimney Fans

We’re fans of fans.

Chimney fans are incredibly important. Your fan is located on the top of your fireplace chimney and assists in drafting. Often installed alongside your liner, a chimney fan is essential when your chimney’s flue is too small to draft naturally.

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