Vertical has been in the chimney care business for over 35 years, and we have devoted our time and energy to bring safety to your home. We have spent all 35 years making sure we give our customers the best possible service. Each and every customer deserves the same honesty, respect and care.

Vertical is raising the bar when it comes to what a chimney solutions company can be.

Because we are more than just a repair company. We’re a care company.

During these uncertain times, we are taking the necessary precautions making your safety a priority. Learn More.

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If you’re not sure if your fireplace is safe to use, it’s probably time for an inspection.
Proper maintenance begins with good old fashioned hygiene. Learn more our maintenance process here.
Whatever we find, we can fix. Find out more about our repair process here.
Want to upgrade your fireplace? You’ve come to the right place.
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Give us a call at (847) 766-6500 or complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

Customer Testimonials

I called Vertical Chimney Care to clean and inspect my wood burning fireplace and chimney. I suspected that I had an issue as I smelled smoke in an area of my home whenever I used the fireplace. David and his helper Anthony were so nice and professional. They kept and left the work area clean and tidy. I appreciate that David took the time to explain to me in detail the situation with my chimney. I look forward to having them back to make the necessary repairs.
Caren R.
The Vertical staff did a very nice aluminum chimney liner for me at an affordable price. The staff was friendly and courteous and left my den and basement as clean as they found them. They made an appointment with me and arrived as scheduled.
Kevin S.
Eric and Alex did a fabulous job cleaning and refurbishing the fireplace in my new condo! From painting the firebox to adding silica sand and glowing embers, my fires will really add to my living room now. They had also serviced my dryer vent to make sure everything was clean and safe. I highly Recommend their service!
Naomi Z.
I had Vertical Chimney Care complete a dryer vent cleaning at my home. I submitted a web inquiry on Sunday evening, and Nick from Vertical called me at 8 a.m. the next morning to set up an appointment. Nick scheduled an appointment for Thursday of that week. Ken and Zach from Vertical came to provide the cleaning and did a terrific job. They showed me all the debris that had built up over the last few years and notified me of the potential fire hazard. I was very surprised at the debris build up and scheduled a cleaning for next July to make sure this doesn’t turn into a safety concern for my family. Thank you Vertical for a wonderful experience!
Nate B.
Not knowing what was needed, I got a few estimates. Vertical Chimney Care outshined their competitors. They shared their knowledge to a point where I felt the most comfortable and positive that my project would be handled properly. Jason and Chad and their partners were the best. They professional, personable and informative! They kept me in the loop every step of the way. I cannot recommend a better chimney company! Thank you!
Phyllis A.
Great job. We needed a total tile removal of the chimney interior and a new stainless steel liner as well as new vent for the water heater. The price we were quoted induced sticker shock but the actual amount of work and the results were definitely worth it. This work must be done correctly in the interest of safety. The guys were on time, pleasant and there was no mess or debris. This was hard work on a sweltering day. Eric and Nick do wonderful work.
Paula P.
I had heard about the great work Vertical did on chimneys and fireplaces and was excited to learn they did dryer vent cleanings as well! I was able to get the date and time frame for my appointment easily and the team came on time, treated my home with respect and I am thrilled to have a clean dryer vent finally.
Louis P.
We worked with Ken Kopka today. He was incredibly helpful in helping us assess our problem, giving us multiple solutions and knew a lot about a lot of home issues. We are extremely grateful for the time and knowledge he put into our job today.
Becca S.
I couldn't be happier with the work that Peter and Isaiah did on our chimney. They did a very good job at cleaning it and actually went through the entire flue with a camera to inspect it, while I could see the whole thing on video. They were very professional, friendly, and very safe with regards to Covid. They were wearing masks and gloves at all times, and truly didn't touch or stand anywhere they didn't need to. Finally, the service itself was very clean. We live in a condo, and there was no dust or ash anywhere in the living room after they were done.
Olivier M.
Having just moved in earlier this year we weren't aware of any issues the fireplace would bring. Ken K. was our inspector and we are very glad he was. He let us know about the hazards our fireplace imposed and was very knowledgeable on the subject. He also informed us about the ways to fix/improve our fireplace in the future. He was nice enough to also take a look at our water heater and furnace and recommended some services for those as well. All in all we had a great experience with Vertical Chimney Care thanks to Ken!
Maggie B.
This was nothing less than a wonderful experience. The team, Jim and Tom, were professional, efficient, knowledgeable, neat, and very hard working. They knew exactly what to do and how to do it. They replaced the tile liner with stainless steel, repaired the smoke chamber, capped off some gas lines, repaired the crown, and painted a metal furnace stack. Excellent work and I couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommended
David B.
“I found these guys on Google and they were great. Sara was awesome and set me up with Dave & Josh to do a chimney inspection on the new house I bought since I didn't really know what condition it was in. They found some cracks in the chimney that my home inspector didn't even see. They gave me tips and tricks on how to use my fireplace and even cleaned it out to make sure it lasts. They also did a great job cleaning my dryer vents, who knew that's something you had to even clean?
Ralph G.
Had a great experience with Vertical Chimney once they finally were able to come out to my place. Ken K and Chad were a great team, both very knowledgeable on the subject. Ken went above and beyond by providing recommendations for my fireplace to look and perform better. He thought me everything I needed to know in regards to my chimney .
Lilliana A.
Corey and Ken were excellent. Completely professional. Explained everything in detail. Work was done quickly cleanly. I am very satisfied and would recommend this company to anyone looking for chimney or fireplace work
Jeffrey F.
Ken Kopka and Corey Atros were great! They did a great job of cleaning the fireplace. They later installed a no-vent glass fire installation that looks amazing. Good, helpful instructions. Would highly recommend these guys! The phone staff and customer service was also very good!
Larry I.

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