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There’s a good chance that you’re not a chimney expert. That’s 100% okay. It would be a little weird if you were.

But since you’re not, there’s also a good chance you’re not quite sure if your chimney is safe to operate. That’s not okay.

Whether you have a fireplace, furnace, or water heater chimney, getting an inspection should be part of your regular maintenance routine. It allows you to find and fix minor issues before they become major repairs.

For the homeowners of Chicago, Vertical’s Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified technicians can help make this process painless.

If it has been a while since your last inspection, give us a shout.

The Levels of Chimney Inspection

The Chimney Safety Institute of America has dictated that there are 3 levels of inspections. We offer all three:

Level 1 – Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

A Level 1 chimney inspection is necessary to ensure your chimney is in proper working order and is safe to use. This type of inspection should be done at least once per year by an experience chimney inspector and is particularly important for chimneys located in areas with extreme weather changes, like Chicago.

level 1 chimney inspection

Our Chimney Expert will use a chimney sweep brush to clean all areas of the firebox, smoke chamber, and chimney flue. The visual inspection, conducted inside the home and on the roof, will check for signs of damage, blockages, corrosion, and other potential hazards that can lead to chimney fires or other dangerous situations. It can also alert you to any necessary repairs that may need to be done to keep your chimney functioning safely. The inspection will also ensure that your chimney is compliant with local codes and regulations. And while we’re there, we’ll inspect your home’s furnace and water heater chimney flue to ensure proper ventilation of carbon monoxide.

An experienced chimney inspector will be able to identify potential issues and provide expert advice on how to best address them. A Level 1 chimney inspection is an important safety measure that can help you avoid costly and dangerous chimney-related incidents.

Level 2 – Safety Inspection

A Level 2 inspection is more thorough than a Level 1 inspection, and it should be done when there has been a change in the operation of the system, such as changing fuel types, when buying a new property, when damage by a storm, lightning strike, or tornado, or when major changes or repairs have been made to the system.

level 2 chimney inspection

Our Level 2 inspection includes everything from Level 1, and also uses a specially-designed, 360-degree video camera to see the entire chimney system from the bottom up. The technician will check for voids, holes, or cracks in the flue liner, which are often unseen in a Level 1 inspection. These issues, left unattended, can create deterioration of the chimney masonry. In wood burning fireplaces, we’ll also inspect for creosote, a dangerous by-product that if left unattended can accumulate and increase the risk of a chimney fire.

Upon request, we can provide a recording of the inspection on an SD card.

Level 3 Inspection

A Level 3 is only done if we suspect there is significant damage. If this is the case for your chimney, our certified technician will take the time to explain to you why it is recommended during your appointment.

When is an inspection necessary?

If you’re asking, you probably need one.

Inspections should be routine so we can find and fix minor issues before they become major problems. If you’re not sure your chimney is safe to use, or if it’s just been a while since your last inspection, it’s probably a good time to contact us.

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