Best Chimney Decoration Ideas for Fall

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The chimney is a major part of a home, both as a structure and as a central focal point. A chimney can be decorated in order to increase curb appeal for any guest or potential homebuyer. Plus, it makes you, the homeowner proud of your home each time you pull up your driveway.

But decorating a chimney doesn’t just have to occur outside; it can also include fun seasonal or decorative additions on the fireplace and surrounding area. Fall is one of the best times to decorate the chimney and fireplace because of the beautiful colors and fun events coming up. Read on to find out some of the best chimney decoration ideas for the fall.


Scarecrows are one of those cute decorations that come in a variety of styles and uses. In the early fall, you can choose scarecrows of different sizes to place along your walkway, with one larger one that's able to be hung on the chimney facing the street.

It’s important to pick a scarecrow that's not flammable and that will be resistant to the wind. For an extra fun idea, those who have kids can make their own scarecrows; take old clothes such as an old shirt and old jeans and stuff it with hay that you can purchase at any hardware or seasonal items store.

Scarecrows also work well sitting atop the fireplace as long as no hay or flammable materials are near an active fire.

Halloween Decorations

Since Halloween is a prime fall holiday, you can even decorate your chimney with some Halloween decorations. Pumpkins can be tasteful; there are LED-lit pumpkins that you can hang on the side of your chimney if there's an outside outlet.

You can also use other lit-up decorations such as witches, ghosts or any other spooky items you can find. If you don’t have an outside outlet that's close by, fake cobwebs can be fun to attach to the side of the chimney; they give off a great holiday look to trick-or-treaters.

halloween decorations for a fireplace

Acorns and Fall Items

A fireplace can be lined with pinecones, acorns and other fall decorations. Consider putting down a doily or runner that's maroon, orange or another fall color and then putting the decorations on top of it. You can also put pumpkins of different sizes along the mantel. Gourds work just as well and can be combined with small and large pumpkins.


Mums are the best fall flower out there and come in many different beautiful colors including maroon and bright yellow. You can place some mums on your fireplace as well as outside on your front porch for a nice look.

Autumn Victorian

Victorian decorations tend to be over the top, but classy. For a living room or dining room, decorating a mantel in a Victorian style is perfect. The Victorian look can be overloaded with items such as plates, small knickknacks, vases, flowers, and paintings.

To create a Victorian autumn look, fill a large vase with mums. Surround the vase with gold-framed paintings that are pictures of autumn leaves and other fall-like items. Then, fill the mantel with ornate gourds, pumpkins and autumn decorations.

The more, the better! Candles also give off a fall feel since they are reminiscent of Thanksgiving. Line the mantel with large candles in candleholders and gilded picture frames.

Candles Galore

Candles are always a nice touch for fall since they make guests think about colder weather, the kind that is perfect for cozy fires. Try to find some candles of all different styles and sizes. You can then put them on your mantel along with some pinecones and pine branches for the perfect look.

Earth Tones and Metallics

Earth tones (whites and browns) and metallics are the perfect fall and winter colors. You can paint some of your decorations with cheap paint purchased at a hardware store and line your mantel with silver and gold colored pumpkins and pinecones.

Add in some white colored ones, too, for an added layer of dimension. You can include regular colored pumpkins and gourds for variety.

fireplace decorations for fall and winter

Leaf Presses

A leaf press is a picture frame or plate of glass that's framed and allows you to put a document or thin item between two plates. A leaf is a perfect item to put in one of these frames; it can then be hung along the mantel.

Make it a fun family activity and go out with your loved ones in search of the best and most beautiful leaf. Aim for a few different fall colors like red, orange and yellow. You can have these plates alone on the mantel for a simple look or along with other autumn decorations.

Recycled Wood

You can take a piece of a fence that's not too beat up and repurpose it by sanding it and painting it white or earth tones. You can then spray some gold or darker colored drops on it to give it a vintage look. Then place the old-fashioned looking wood on the mantel with some other autumn decorations to make it look perfect.


Another fun option is to put a chalkboard behind your mantel with fun fall drawings on it. You can put a wish list, holiday checklist and other Halloween or Thanksgiving themed drawings.

Fall is a fun time for everyone. With Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, you can decorate your home on the inside and the outside. Think about putting fun decorations up on the chimney for passersby, especially those who will be trick or treating.

With fun holiday parties, you can also jazz up your mantel and have it looking perfect with pinecones, paintings, vases, flowers and more. The choices are limitless and can be matched to your house’s overall style. With a few affordable and easy changes, your home will be ready for autumn and everything it has to offer.

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