When Should I Have an Enervex Fan Installed in My Chimney?

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When Should I Have an Enervex Fan Installed in My Chimney?

Not all chimneys and fireplaces work perfectly.  Sure, the fire is perfect, but the smoke?  Not so much.  If you’re an unlucky homeowner stuck with a fireplace that billows smoke into your living areas, not all is lost.  There are ways to resolve a smoky fireplace that won’t leave you with an expensive chimney demolition and masonry renovation.

How Enervex Fans Work

If your fireplace fills your home with smelly smoke or if you begin to notice lots of ash and debris where it shouldn’t be, then consider getting an Enervex fan for your chimney. An Enervex fan works by removing smoke and odor from a room by utilizing its placement on the top of the chimney to create a draft.  The fan has variable settings to provide the appropriate strength of draft to pull smoke and odor out of the house. When the fireplace isn’t in use, the Enervex fan can still be used to encourage airflow.  You can say goodbye to that stale fireplace smell that fills your house even if there’s no fire burning.  The Enervex fan will act as a ventilator, controlling dust and odor during the off-season. This is also helpful for the ever odorous and messy chore of cleaning ash and debris from the fireplace.  The ventilating function of the Enervex fan will prevent dust, debris, and ash from blowing into your living room area, instead directing it up through the chimney to the outside. The fan won’t block your chimney.  Instead, it takes no more space up than a chimney cap would.  When it comes to cleaning your chimney, you also don’t need to remove the Enervex fan.  The top of the fan has hinges, so your professional chimney sweep can simply lift the fan up to gain access to the flue—no need to remove the fan.

Installing an Enervex Fan

If you’re handy enough, you can install an Enervex fan.  For brick chimneys, the installation is the same whether the flue is a round or square opening.  If the brick chimney has a clay tile flue liner, it may stick up a few inches beyond the opening.  This will need to be cut down so it’s flush, no more than a half-of-an-inch above the chimney crown. After measuring the inside diameter of your flue, cut an equal hole in the fiber mat with the aluminum foil on the mat facing upward.  Next, secure the brackets by using the supplied nuts and bolts through the fan base.  Make your final adjustments to the position of the fan, ensuring that there is a good clearance between the flue wall and the brackets (if the brackets make contact with the flue wall, it might generate noisy vibrations). Your Enervex fan is ready for installation at the top of your chimney.  Place the fiber mat on the surface with the aluminum foil facing upward, then place the fan on top of this at.  To secure the fan in place, you can use silicone rated for high temperatures on the sides of the mat.  You do not have to bolt the fan to your chimney. Some chimneys may require more than one fan for sufficient drafting.  You can check with Enervex experts or your professional chimney sweep to see what your chimney requires, as well as the size of the fan you should purchase.  For chimneys that need multiple fans, you should purchase the same size and model so they can work in tandem to rid your home of smoke. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure your home is safer and cleaner after we’ve completed every project. Get started on your next chimney cleaning or other chimney related, Contact us today!

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