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You might be thinking that because you don't have a chimney that you'll never be able to enjoy the luxury of a fireplace. The reality is that you can. Vent free fireplaces are a trending addition among homeowners and they offer excellent benefits.

You probably have a lot of questions about what a vent free fireplace is and how it can possibly work and if it's safe for your home. Luckily, we're Chicagoland's chimney and fireplace experts and have all the answers for you.

What's a Vent Free Fireplace?

Vent free fireplaces, or ventless fireplaces, work just the same as any other traditional fireplace except for one major difference: there's no need for a chimney, flue or any other venting system.

Ventless fireplaces are much less expensive to install than a traditional masonry gas or wood burning fireplace. The main reason is because there's no brickwork that needs to be done and you don't need to create a path to the outside for the fire to vent.

A vent free fireplace can be fueled by natural gas, propane or gel fuel. All of which do not require a venting system to the outside. Clean-burning gases are a popular trend for homeowners that want the aesthetics of a fireplace.

Vent free fireplaces come in many different shapes and styles to match your specific needs. When you choose a company like Vertical Chimney Care, you know you'll find something perfect for your home.

How do Vent Free Fireplaces Work?

The concept of ventless fireplaces is actually pretty simple. As mentioned earlier, they can be fueled by three different sources - propane, natural gas or gel fuel, all of which are safe for use in your home.

For natural gas vent free fireplaces, you'll need a gas line installed nearby. Propane and gel ventless fireplaces use the canister for the fire and are usually stored within the fireplace somewhere.

The flame is set to burn at an optimum efficiency for the room it's in so there aren't harmful levels of carbon monoxide and moisture released into your home.

Plus, there are carbon monoxide and oxygen sensors in the fireplace to help monitor the levels and make sure your home is always safe while using your vent free fireplace.

In such a case where the levels got too high, the sensors will automatically shut the flame off avoiding potential danger for you and your family.

Before you install a vent free fireplace, you'll need to make sure that the room it's going in is big enough to host it. If you're unsure, Contact us for your ventless fireplace from Chicagoland's fireplace experts at Vertical Chimney Care.

Why Get a Vent Free Fireplace?

Fireplaces have long been a traditional style feature in homes but are still widely desired by homeowners. Nowadays, you can even have a contemporary style fireplace if that's more your taste.

Advances have been made in the fireplace industry and there are now more options than ever before for homeowners. You used to not be able to enjoy the luxury of a fireplace if you didn't have a chimney, but that has changed.

Vent free fireplaces are available for those who want the beauty and warmth of a fireplace but don't have the ventilation or don't want the maintenance that comes with a traditional chimney and fireplace.

Vent free fireplaces require very minimal maintenance. The only real maintaining you'll need to perform is to have it cleaned once per year and, for propane and gas fireplaces, you'll need to restock the fuel when it runs out (read all about gas fireplace maintenance right here).

Don't think that ventless fireplaces are only good for their looks either. Natural gas and propane vent free fireplaces can still radiate enough heat to keep a room warm and cozy. Gel fueled fireplaces are more for aesthetics as they give off a low heat.

Choose the Right Company for Your Vent Free Fireplace

In order to take advantage of all the great benefits of vent free fireplaces, you need to pick the right company to take on the job. Vertical Chimney Care is that company.

We've been providing the best fireplace products and services in the Chicagoland area for over 30 years. Our vent free fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles with many customizable options so you can craft the fireplace of your dreams.

Our experts will help you make sure your ventless fireplace meets all the proper safety guidelines and is installed correctly so you can enjoy its benefits worry-free.

Your new vent free fireplace is only a few clicks away contact us today!

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