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Factory built fireplaces often have chase covers, or in layman’s terms, metal covers. These covers are your chimney’s primary protection from water seeping in and causing damage.

Depending on the material, these covers can rust, meaning it’s important you have a cover in good condition to extend the working life of your chimney.

When you replace your chase top you have a choice of a few different materials:

  • Stainless steel chase tops are a popular option as they are also rust resistant.
  • Aluminum tops come in a variety of colors, and also don’t rust when exposed to moisture. However, they aren’t quite as durable as they don’t have the strength of copper or steel.
  • Galvanized steel tops are the least expensive option, however they do rust over time and need to be replaced more often. These are often only recommended as a short term solution.

Water Leaks

Also called chase tops, chimney chase covers are a fitted metal covering that provide protection against precipitation.

Water leaks are a homeowner’s worst nightmare, causing expensive repairs. Catching a problem with your cover early, is important.

Chase Top Replacement

If your chase top needs a replacement, we can help you find the perfect fit.

There are many materials that chimney covers can be made from. Each material has its own strengths and benefits. We’ll help you pick the right style to match your chimney.

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