6 Stunning Contemporary Gas Fireplace Ideas

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Gas fireplaces are still one of the most popular home design features. Homeowners love gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts and so do home buyers. There's nothing like sitting near the fire on a cool night or gathering the family around it during the holidays.

These days gas fireplace inserts have made it easier than ever to put a gas fireplace in your home. You can now put in a gas fireplace where it might have been difficult to put one in the past. Modern gas fireplace designs using gas fireplace inserts and other technology have taken the warmth and charm of a traditional fireplace. It gives the home a thoroughly contemporary and updated look and feel. 

Gas fireplaces are now being used all over the house to add light, warmth and innovative design features to every room in the house – even the bathroom. Soaking in a big tub in front of a beautiful shimmering gas fireplace is a fantastic way to turn your master bath into the spa-like oasis that you’ve always wanted.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of adding a gas fireplace to your home or you want to give the fireplace that you already have a modern makeover here are six of the most stunning, contemporary gas fireplace ideas. These will get you started thinking about what type of gas fireplace you want for your home.

Updated Traditional

Do you love the look of an old fashioned wood stove, but a wood stove just isn’t what you envisioned in your home? You can get a gas fireplace that has the same shape and lines as a wood stove, but is elongated and sleeker with a more modern look. The stove part is still a small oval but the fireplace’s black matte lines extend almost to the ceiling.

This type of updated traditional look is a great compromise for older homes that you want to update without losing the original look and feel of the home. Revival Craftsman style homes, modern farmhouse designed homes and other revival styles are a perfect fit for this type of modern fireplace.

Curved Stone

If you prefer a softer and more natural design a curved stone surround gives a natural look to a gas fireplace and makes it less of a focal point in the room. A light colored stone surround that's curved (almost like one of the new curved 4k TV sets) pleasing to the eye and doesn't jump out at you when you walk in the room.

If you want to put a gas fireplace in a bedroom, a meditation room, an office, a three season room, or another room where relaxation and tranquility are the overriding themes, this is the type of fireplace to install. Because it has soft lines and is made from natural stone, it’s a very relaxing fireplace.

Indoor Outdoor

Another very popular trend these days is to put a gas fireplace that extends out into an outdoor area. A gas fireplace with a glass surround that shares a wall with an outdoor patio space transforms that outdoor area into a great entertaining space.

Imagine how fun it will be to sit outside with your family and friends on those cool autumn nights as the winter is getting closer, talking and laughing, gathered around the fireplace with hot chocolate. You and your family will love it.

If you entertain a lot and you want to create more connection between your indoor and outdoor entertaining space, a joint indoor and outdoor gas fireplace will help create the cohesion that you want. Guests can freely mingle throughout both spaces. An indoor and outdoor fireplace can be used year round to make your patio space function more like another living space.

Room Divider

Open concept spaces are great, and they're still very popular. You may find that you want to create a little bit of division in a space so the rooms are clearly defined. A great way to do that, without putting up a wall or closing a space in, is to add a rectangular gas fireplace that can function as a low room divider, as well as a focal point in the room.

Using a fireplace as a room divider creates visual interest in the room while still making it clear that the spaces are separate. If you bought an open concept home but are now finding that you wish there was a little more division between the rooms try using a fireplace as a divider. Adding a gas fireplace as a room divider is a beautiful and cost effective way to get the separate space you want, while maintaining an open concept feel.


Another very popular trend for gas fireplaces and gas inserts is sculptural style fireboxes that are designed outside of the usual box shape. Sculptural gas fireplaces are usually made from stone and feature designs like waves, bubbles, or other round shapes. It creates a stunning backdrop for a gas fireplace.

The linear flames contrasted with the flowing shapes of the stone and other sculpted materials create an elegant and artistic design. This look is sure to get comments of delight from your friends and family when they're visiting.  A modern sculpted gas fireplace might be the right fireplace for your home if your style is more unique.

Modern Rustic

Rustic design is still very popular, and a gas fireplace is essential for getting that farmhouse or rustic feel. However, many homeowners are taking advantage of all the options that a gas fireplace gives them. With them you can create texture and add some color to a rustic farmhouse design.

Large textured metal sheets that make up the bulk of the fireplace in warm tones, like copper and bronze, are real showstoppers in a room full of rustic beige, white, and black. The metallic colors and unique texture of the sheet metals can also fit into a modern urban look. 

Modern gas fireplace options will fit beautifully into your home no matter what your preferred design aesthetic is. Adding a gas fireplace is a great way to add value and beauty to your home. It's an upgrade that you and anyone who buys your home later on will enjoy.

If you thought you couldn’t have a fireplace because you don’t have the room or don’t want the expense of building a chimney onto your home, now is the perfect time to look at modern gas fireplaces. They are transforming homes every day.

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