Why Spending Time Around the Fireplace is Relaxing

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A fireplace is relaxing and one of the hottest amenities in a home. Ask any realtor and they can tell you that home-buyers want to find a home that has a fireplace. Many times, the fireplace goes unused even if it was a feature that was sought out.

If your home has a fireplace, there are so many reasons why you should be using it. Read on to check out just some of the reasons why hanging around the fireplace and getting cozy can be the perfect source of relaxation for you.

1. A Fireplace Provides Natural Heat

When it starts to get cold in the winter, it can be an easy fix to just turn up the heater. However, as every homeowner knows, the heater can really cause bills to spike when it is cranked all the way up. A fireplace does a great job of providing amazing natural heat. Just sitting in front of the fireplace is relaxing and can really warm you up after a day out in the cold or in the rain.

In addition, fire does a good job of heating up a room, no matter what size. Since you can control the size of the fire, you can also control the amount of heat that it emits in the room. If you are feeling like your home is too cold, you can build a serious fire that lasts a long time and keeps the whole room and rooms near it warm.

2. The Sound of a Fireplace is Relaxing

One of the most soothing sounds is the crackling that fire makes. Since you can’t always sit outside and listen to the sounds of a bonfire, it can be equally as calming and relaxing to sit in the confines of your own home and listen to the fire as it burns down.

For an even more relaxing evening with just the sounds of the fire, turn the lights off and enjoy the sounds of nature that a fireplace creates. You can add more wood or put less wood to make the fire sound like it is crackling more or less.

3. It’s a Source of Natural Light

Windows are always a popular part of any home because they allow for beautiful natural light to come through into a room. Even if a window is not functional, it still serves the purpose of adding light into a room, which can make the room look bigger.

A fireplace can also provide that source of natural light. With the lights off, a fire can be strong enough to allow you to light up your room in a beautiful way. Children love to see the reflection of a fire and the shadows it casts on the walls.

family relaxing by the fireplace

4. A Fireplace Brings You Back to a Simpler Time

A fireplace awakens a sort of primal feeling in people. It reminds us of a time when life was simpler. There used to not be the stress of an office job or the demands of the holidays. Life used to be easier going and revolved around the basic needs of the family and home.

5. It Brings Together Families

A fire does an amazing job of bringing the family together. It provides the perfect setting for parents, kids, and even extended family to sit around and talk, play board games, or just hang out.

6. It Has Health Benefits

According to Discover Magazine, sitting by a fire can actually have health benefits. There is an evolutionary link that explains why we may feel better when we are by the fire. Back in the day, it was a necessity for people to be able to build a fire to have warmth and cook food.

It also allowed for social interaction to occur. Now, scientists have noted that just being by a fire can result in lowered blood pressure, so the fire really may be a way to relax and feel more mentally and physically refreshed.

7. It’s a Great Place to Read

If you’ve ever been wanting to finally get to that book your friends keep recommending, sitting by a fire and doing so is a great choice. The crackling sounds of the fire and the warmth emitted allow you to get cozy and really delve into a book without distractions.

You can even turn the lights off and still manage to see the words on the page. You don’t have to read novels to benefit from a fire’s calming nature. You can read on your phone or opt for magazines, poems, short stories and any other piece of literature.

reading by the fireplace

8. They Can Be Romantic

A fireplace is relaxing but also, nothing is more romantic than a darkened room lit up by the beauty of a fire. A fireplace in a rich traditionally decorated living room provides a great place for a dinner for two. For a first date, it makes quite the impression and really sets the mood. Even as a setting for an anniversary, a fire can be a great backdrop for dinner.

9. It’s Great for Listening to Music

Whether you like podcasts or music, set up your speakers by the fireplace and listen to some of your favorite music. Since the fire doesn’t make any sound except for calm crackling, you can easily jam out without being distracted. Plus, if you like talk radio or podcasts, you can really focus while putting your feet up and resting your mind and body in front of the fireplace.

Having a fireplace means that you have access to some of the best ways to relax. Grab a book and delve into some pages, or open up a bottle of wine and cook up some delicious food to enjoy with a loved one.

You can also relax just knowing that being in front of the fire is good for your body due to the health benefits it reaps. Enjoy the natural light and heat that your fireplace gives off in your home. Every night is a perfect night when you are hanging out with a beautiful, warm fire.

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