What to Do with the Hole Where a Fireplace Once Was

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Did your previous homeowners get rid of their fireplace due to disuse or damage? Maybe you’ve closed it up because you’re dreaming of better ways to use that space. If you find yourself with a non-working fireplace, there are many possibilities for how to design this feature. Read on for ideas about what to do with the hole where a fireplace once was.

Put Decorative Kindling in your Non-Working Fireplace

Fireplaces, while beautiful and historic, are often ineffectual for actually warming the house. However, you can still get the aesthetic of one by stacking the space with kindling. This lends a rustic yet contemporary look to your den. Since it’s non-functional, you can be as literal or interpretive as you want. This DIY uses real logs and fake flames to make a fun and irreverent statement.

Use Candles as a Fire Element

Others interpret the fire aspect by lining up candles inside a non-working fireplace. Try varying the heights and sizes - the asymmetry will give your display balance and lend a professional touch. You can also achieve this look with lanterns.

Turn Your Fireplace into Built-in Storage

Your non-functioning fireplace may be an overlooked opportunity for storage. Take a cue from the tiny house movement and build your organization into the walls. Instead of cluttering the shelves of your entertainment center, use this space for stacks of books and magazines.

Build Shelves Into your Fireplace

Some homeowners fashion the area into a shelf for displaying pictures and keepsakes. This DIY makes a splash with a bright backdrop. The key is to match the shelving to the original mantle color so it looks like an original feature. You get the visual drama of a hearth without the maintenance of a fireplace.

Craft a DIY Wine Rack

Wine already doubles as decoration on display in the kitchen. Use this pretty and practical DIY to build a minimalist wine rack into your non-working fireplace. It’s the perfect touch to make your living area into a true entertaining space.

Create An Illusion Fireplace

If you want to embrace the fireplace aspect, try this simple hack. A fire screen is another subtle way to get the look of a working fireplace without the hassle. Look for one that’s frosted, opaque or has intricate metalwork.

Use Color to Tie the Room Together

It’s one thing to Pin something, it’s another know how trendy decor will actually look in your space. An easy formula is to start with color: pick an accent color you want to highlight throughout your den, then choose objects to match it. From throw pillows to picture frames, the possibilities are endless.

Turn Your Fireplace into a Chalkboard

Remember a few years back when chalkboard was everywhere? While the trend’s shifted to letter boards as of late, this childhood-inspired style still holds a place in our hearts. Use chalkboard paint to turn your boarded up fireplace into a functional accessory that will delight kids and grown-ups alike.

Take Inspiration from Nature

Just looking at most people’s countertops and entryways, you can see there’s no limit to how shape, texture, and color can be used to decorate. Since you’re working with a non-functional fireplace, you can be just as free with your designs. Use found (or store-bought) objects like stones, branches, pinecones, and even antlers. These abstract forms all convey feeling and drama.

Use Your Fireplace As A Shadow Box

One of the biggest appeals of a fireplace is it adds a vintage charm. Use the indent left behind like a shadow box for displaying treasured items. Set the tone for the whole room with an antique sailboat, globe, or travel trunk.

Put Together a Sitting Area

Have you noticed how every restaurant, museum and even store has started to have walls that are purely for being the backdrop to photographs? The architectural mark left by a fireplace can add to the dimensionality of a room, and many have historic details that add visual appeal. Make the space into its own focal point by pulling up a chair and a side table.

fireplace without chimney

Put Apothecary Jars in your Fireplace Area

Like candles, try apothecary jars of different sizes. You can leave them empty for a subtle look, or use different fillers to tell a story and show your style. Popular fill options are stones, shells, beads, and plastic fruit like lemons and limes. Want to get really creative? Use gumballs to add color and form to your jar. Try all white or black for a monochrome cheap DIY that will look expensive.

Celebrate The Season

Why limit yourself to one style? Create memories year-round by changing up your chosen display for each season. If you went with our apothecary jar setup, you could switch out your fillers (e.g., ribbons in winter, pastel-coated candies in spring, and fairy lights in fall).

Enjoy Your Non-Working Fireplace With Interior Design

Many efforts to decorate around a defunct interior element can look haphazard or like you’re trying to sweep them under the rug. Use these ideas to make it an intentional design choice. With these creative decorating ideas for your non-working fireplace, make this focal point something you’re proud of.

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