Can You Use a Chimney without a Liner?

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You want to make the most of your home's hidden gems and grow your home value. You may be getting a chimney liner for the first time because you possess a historic or older home or you may need to replace your chimney liner due to damage.

Now you’re wondering if you can you use a chimney without a liner. We're here to clear the air.

What are Chimney Liners

Chimney liners are protective barriers for your flue. They’re usually made of clay or aluminum alloy. In addition to moving harmful gases up and out of your home, they insulate your home against heat and protect your flue masonry from heating and cooling. However, they're still prone to cracks and damage.

Chimney Liners Guide Smoke Out of Your Chimney

When you don’t have a liner installed inside your chimney then you’re at risk of combustion-byproducts sneaking back inside your home. Chimney liners and chimneys go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Without one, you’ll have carbon monoxide and other dangerous combustible chemicals running down your chimney into your living room. You’ll also notice a difference with old and damaged chimney liners. Your chimney liners can be damaged by undergoing creosote and moisture buildup. Creosote and water can gradually tear the liner. As a result, you’ll experience poor chimney airflow.

Chimney Liner Improves Energy Efficiency

Think about energy efficiency next time you have questions about buying a chimney liner. Chimney liners have one job and that's to maintain a steady airflow and burn wood and fuel more efficiently. With a good chimney liner, you’ll have the luxury of using less fuel because the fire will burn brighter, and you won’t need that much wood to keep you home warm.

Chimney Liners Reduce Chances of a Fire

The number one concern with frequent chimney users is the possibility of a chimney fire. What causes a chimney fire? Well it starts with the condition of your chimney liner. Chimney liners form a barrier between the fire and the chimney and its surrounding elements.

Without a chimney liner, your chimney will be in danger of overheating which can cause your chimney to combust. You don’t want to play with fire and if you don’t have a liner then you’re in danger of burning down your house.

Chimney Liners Reduce Soot and Creosote

Like mentioned previously, your chimney works like its supposed to when you have a good chimney liner. Everything flows out of your chimney without any extra pressure on the barrier. Soot and creosote are highly flammable, and they are difficult to clean.

The only way to clean soot and creosote is to hire professionals who have the tools and training to get it done. Otherwise, the best solution is to get a high-quality flue liner.

Types of Chimney Liners

Clay tiles are the conventional liners that are commonly used across the world. They are inexpensive and they are easily available. However, they are a disadvantage when it comes to rapidly absorbing and evenly distributing the heat.

These liners have a short life and they will often crack when the chimney overheats. Modern gas appliances and these clay tiles will not contain the liquid combustion produced by modern gas appliances.

Metal chimney liners like stainless steel and aluminum are extremely safe and durable. They last long and they can take the heat. Most homes with chimneys will often go with metal chimney liners because they can absorb the heat and equally distribute the heat.

chimney with a liner

For better energy efficiency, you’ll want to keep your home insulated so you can take advantage of a high-performance wood burning chimney combined with metal chimney liners.

The Bottom Line on Chimneys without a Liner

Your city or county might have mandates around updated liners and chimney performance. This may come up if you’re making changes to the existing fireplace. If you’re installing a fireplace insert, you’re safer because they’re less of a hazard.

However, if you have a wood burning chimney then you must go with a good chimney liner to transfer heat. In review, your chimney needs a flue liner because it improves the airflow, improves energy efficiency, reduces the chances of fire, and they reduce soot and creosote buildup.

Thanks to all these improvements, you’ll have all the time to use your chimney without having to worry. Next time you sit down on the couch to reflect what you saw on Game of Thrones; you’ll be happy to know that your home won’t burn down because you’ll have a good chimney liner aligned with your chimney.

At Vertical Chimney Care, you can get stainless steel and aluminum chimney liners that will keep your chimney working efficiently. Additionally, you can get your chimney inspected and cleaned for better airflow and heat transfer. Contact us today to speak with a product specialist.

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