Benefits of Having a Fireplace Chimney Scan (Safety Inspection)

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Benefits of Having a Fireplace Chimney Scan (Safety Inspection)

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has three levels of chimney inspections, all with their own guidelines and requirements. Benefits of Fireplace Scans Level 1 involves a cleaning and an inspection, mainly visual, of the accessible portions of the chimney.  Level 2 inspections involve specialized tools and equipment for a more thorough procedure, such as the chimney scan and the camera that threads through the interior of the flue.  Level 3 inspections are conducted when a serious issue or hazard has been discovered through previous inspections and there’s a need for a chimney professional to remove portions of the chimney to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve the problem at hand. For the average homeowner, Level 1 and Level 2 inspections are normal and the chimney should be cleaned and examined once a year.  You don’t have to have a Level 2 inspection conducted every year, but you should have one done if your technician advises it.  A Level 2 must also be performed if you’re buying or selling the property or if there was a chimney fire. Homeowners may wonder why a Level 2 inspection would need to be conducted, but having a camera take a look at the interior of your chimney will benefit you in more ways than you may think.

Safety First

On a Level 1 chimney inspection, your technician can’t see what’s going on with the inside of the chimney, and as a homeowner, there’s no way for you to tell if there’s something brewing inside, either.  That’s why there’s the option of a Level 2 inspection with a video scan.  This special camera allows for a high-resolution scan that technicians will live-view, keeping an eye out for warping, cracking, fire damage, and other indications of potential trouble. Your chimney is responsible for shuttling out the dangerous gasses produced by a burning fire.  Problems with the interior flue liner can mean the combustion byproducts might leak back into your living spaces.  These combustion byproducts, like carbon monoxide, are fatal to humans and animals.  A camera scan of your chimney can prevent the worst from happening and put you and your family’s safety first.

Protection & Savings

Chimney scans are an element of prevention, and for the homeowner, that means protection—and saving big on what could’ve been serious damage.  By mitigating problems before they worsen or occur when they’re found on a camera scan, you can rest assured that there won’t be any dangerous chimney fires because of unseen issues.  Chimney fires and neglected masonry issues are extremely costly to repair and only worsen over time.  A Level 2 chimney scan can nip these problems in the bud, protecting your home-investment and your bank account. chimney scan

Documentation for Insurance

Everyone whose processed an insurance claims understands what a pain they are, and they’ll know that every bit of documentation is required of them before any check is cut for reimbursement.  A camera scan of your chimney is that documentation.  It’s visual proof of damage, done by a professional chimney sweep.  If your chimney was damaged by a chimney fire or another natural disaster, you’ll absolutely need a chimney video scan to submit to your insurance company.  You’ll thank yourself later because this documented proof will save you some serious headaches of going back and forth with adjusters.

Buying & Selling a Home

Protect yourself as a buyer of a new home or protect yourself as a seller of a home you know well, either way a camera scan of the chimney will have you covered.  As a seller, a chimney scan video can serve two purposes: inform you of issues that need to be fixed before you can sell your home or act as a selling point to assure potential buyers that the chimney is in fit condition. As a buyer, the video scan of the chimney works similarly.  You won’t want to start a fire in a chimney that you’re not sure has any issues.  A video scan will alert you if anything needs to be resolved before fire season begins, thus protecting you, your chimney from damage, and your home from a chimney fire.

In Case of Chimney Fire

Chimney fires wreak havoc on your chimney and its masonry.  Even if you’ve just had a small chimney fire, the chimney’s integrity can be impacted.  Don’t—under any circumstances—use your chimney if you’ve had a fire without having an inspection done first.  Your inspector will conduct a chimney scan with the special high resolution camera to view the damage and advise you on the repairs needed.

Damage Done

If there’s any damage done to your chimney like a natural disaster or a nasty storm, you’ll need a chimney scan to detect it before using your fireplace again.  This will also help you when filing an insurance claim to help repair any issues caused during the disaster or storm. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure your home is safer and cleaner after we’ve completed every project. Get started on your next chimney cleaning or other chimney related, Contact us today!

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