Gas Log Sets

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The Best Place? By the Fireplace.​

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s cozying up by a fire. For those brutal Chicago winters, it’s not so much a luxury as it is a necessity.

Gas log fireplace sets are a great option if you are looking for convenience. They’re one of our favorites as well. The perfect gas log fireplace is beautiful, practical, and low-maintenance. At Vertical we offer both vent-free and vented gas logs options.

Our vent-free gas logs are a great alternative to relining your fireplace. These types of gas fireplaces work much like a gas range; not only do they burn cleanly, but they also burn so efficiently they do not need to vent the gas outside the home. To ensure the safety of our customers each vent-free gas log unit is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor to ensure safe operation. Our vent-free options are hand crafted, realistically detailed, and have active natural flames with glowing embers to look like a wood burning fire. Our Evening Fire Charred with a variable remote is a stock option that is offered in a variety of different sizes. Although, we can also offer custom orders that offer different styles or controls.

Our vented gas logs do just that – vent! These gas log units are the most similar to wood burning in the sense that they need a chimney to vent the gases from the home. Our Red Oak Master Flame offers the most realistic artificial fire that is also comparable to wood-burning. To ensure prompt service we keep a stock of the Red Oak Master Flame in a variety of different sizes. Though, if you are looking to customize your vented logs we can custom order your set to other styles or controls.