Firebox and Smoke Chamber


From the bottom up.

Firebox Repair

The firebox is the brick thing that surrounds the flames. It’s the base of your chimney. After a while, the firebricks get wear and tear, and it may be time for a repair.

If you need to rebuild your firebox completely or partially. We’ve got you. If you need to replace its panels. We’ve can do that too. Tuckpointing? Yep. Need a new fireback? We do that too.

No matter what it is we can help you get the job done well so that you don’t need to call us again for a long while.

Smokechamber Repair

The smoke from your fireplace needs a place to escape. Otherwise, things could get dangerous, fast. Smokechamber repair includes sealing gaps or voids in the chamber so that smoke has a smooth passageway to exit your chimney.

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